img1001Football has long since been known as the sport of the masses. And, being 2 billion strong is an enormous advantage for India. But, the secret to India’s success on the international football arena lies in learning the rules of the game from a credible mentor and then playing it better than anyone else. The Gauhati Town Club Football Academy (GTCFA) was founded to meet this very challenge. Gauhati Town Club Football Academy (GTCFA) began its journey as a successful ‘Football Academy’ focused on identifying, training and developing young footballers; India’s national football heroes of the future. But, the academy soon branched out into the fields of sports events management and talent scouting – a synergy of expert football training and exposure to the best opportunities to further their athletic careers.

Gauhati Town Club Football Academy (GTCFA) is the only fully equiped with high-end infrastructure in entire North East region of India.